Our Story

About the Kennedy’s

Hi there! We are James & Kim Kennedy, and we have been married for over a year now. We are a blended family. Our kids are getting older now and almost out of the casa! So why not buy a business and have fun together doing it?

Ever since our very own wedding, we have been intrigued by the event business. I loved planning and organizing our wedding so much. One day I was browsing on Facebook and saw Sissy the Photo Camper was hiring. So, I messaged the previous owner and applied. We ended up getting the job!!! We went to a few weddings with Sissy and fell in love with this business. When given the opportunity to buy Sissy, we jumped on it. We can not wait to see Sissy grow! We like to say, “She’s our new baby!”

Our goal with Sissy is to see how far she can go. We love traveling and love meeting new people. We want to make your special day a great memory.

We want Sissy to be known all over Texas! Her serial number may say Iowa, but her heart is right here in Texas!

How It Started With Sissy….

How It’s Going With Sissy…